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Surveys for Ratings, Information and Resources

How do you collect all necessary information for a decision?

Decision making discussions can be unwieldy, lengthy, costly and risky. Missing information means that meetings can never get better. Valuable time and information are lost for the next time. Both McKinsey and Harvard Business Review show that 75% of meetings are ineffective. The Standish Group found that 84% of projects completely or partially fail. This leads to tensions running high, burnout and frustration.

The DecisionMaker solves the problem of missing information. You can create a Survey to collect resources from anybody - your team, the public, or whoever you choose - for decision making as well as brainstorming. These resources can be collected before, during and after traditional meetings and agile events.

How does the DecisionMaker work here?

Using the DecisionMaker for Surveys, the KiE Scale not only collects information and ratings but also gathers the resources necessary for success.

You can easily create a Survey in the DecisionMaker to gather information. The inner structure of the KiE Scale ensures that ratings and resources are aligned to the topic. Your participants can freely arrange their time to prepare for the meeting by filling out a Survey at their own pace in advance. You can also use Surveys to follow up.

With a Survey completed, collaboration becomes extremely effective because your group can build on a solid foundation of information previously gathered from all. Thus, you’re using everybody’s time effectively to bring about a reliable, jointly supported decision.

After a meeting, there are many beneficial uses of Surveys as well. You can end each traditional meeting or agile ceremony with a short Survey to avoid anchoring and priming effects. Traditional teams can use the Net Promotor Score (NPS) KiE Scale. Agile teams can choose KiE scales based on specific Agile Values.

How do I use it?

In the DecisionMaker, choose “Create Survey” and select your desired KiE Scales. For each KiE Scale, you have the option to “Collect Resources.” The information and resources collected by the Survey brings clarity into the Decision Making Process based on the diversity and equality of 100% of the participants. Prioritizations and estimations can be prepared before the planning, and topics are evaluated before the meeting. The result is you collect information, competencies, and ratings from everybody.

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